Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Small Town In Ohio

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Looking back to where I came from I grew up in a small town in southern Ohio. It was such a small town that it isn’t even considered a town it’s The Village of Oak Hill. Growing up in such a small town influenced me to go out and see what all the world has to offer. In small towns you do not get to see much other than some corn fields and farms so living there my whole life made me want to experience so much more. I went through all of my many years of schooling at Oak Hill Schools. I’ve always enjoyed math especially algebra and also any type of biology class. Biology, however, has always interested me the most and that is why I’m currently in the college that I am today here at Ohio University. Growing up in a small town caused my classes to be very small, therefore, I got to know my teachers fairly well. If I had a question they were always more than helpful. They’re even more helpful now that I’m in college, if I have a question I can still go to them for help.…show more content…
I’ve always loved any sport and they’ve always been such a big part of my life. My parents have always pushed me to try my best and give it my all every single game. Between softball, basketball, volleyball, and track I was always participating in a sport. There was never really a time in my childhood that I wasn’t playing games or practicing. However, my freshman year I decided that I needed to stick with one sport and focus on becoming my best. It was had to choose but I went with my favorite and chose softball. I had many different coaches throughout the years but I had one coach who influenced me like no other, his name was Ed. Sadly, he passed away last year right before the start of my senior year softball season. Ed’s passing was hard but it made me want to try even harder every game. I ended my last season with three different state awards thanks to everyone who pushed me to be my
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