Personal Narrative: Growing Up In America

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Growing up in America and having a parent from another country comes with many perks and stories. In case you haven't read the title or wondering which parent is from another country; My father is from a small island in Central America named Belize. To give you the brief history about Belize, Belize first inhabitants were the Mayans from the beginning of time until the fourteenth century due to them mysteriously declining in population. The Mayans had a huge roll in the Central American countries. This due to the fact that they developed the idea of hieroglyphics, which back then was the only fully known writing system of the pre-Columbian Americas-as well as for its mathematics, astronomical system, art, calendar, and architecture. By the…show more content…
I know it may sound shocking but hey, I'm a work in progress; but guess what I will tell you what I know. I grew up in a very dangerous and diverse part of Brooklyn, New York. When I was younger I was very cognizant of the way people looked and the way they spoke. I remember my dad stating that lived in a so call Caribbean community. This means that majority of the community were from some type of Caribbean island. For example, My one teachers were Guatemalan, majority of my friends were Puerto Rican, Dominican, Panamanian etc. One particular day in after school, we had cultural day. Cultural is defined to be a day were students and staff would share a bit of information about where they came from. I remember having my little station to which I only knew that Belize was in Central America and it was hot. After I told the visitors those two things, I offered them a dish we called Panadas A.K.A Pastelitos. As I saw that I was like the only who didn’t know much about where they came from, It devastated me for like the rest of the school year. I told my parents what had happened and how I felt, they started to introduce me more about the Belizean traditions and customs. My dad would even take me to the labor day parade in hopes to get me more excited and proud to be a partial Belizean. Although I'm not a expert on my country I do know I have heart,
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