Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Honduras

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Growing up in Honduras was quite an experience. I come from a hard working family where both of my parents went through several obstacles to provide me and my siblings a stable life. Honduras is a country that is consider a third-world country where economy along with delinquency are a big issue, but my parents still manage to provide the sources for me and my other two siblings on what it is necessary. My family and I were affected by organized crime, a day where my life was changed forever. It was a Friday afternoon when my brother and my father were kidnapped, they had left to a soccer game. My mother had made the usual phone call to make sure they had arrived to the place safe, but my mom didn’t get the response she was expecting. With…show more content…
A strange phone call came saturday morning, my mom told us we had to pack our belongings because we needed to be out of my house as soon as possible, we were so concern of what was going on but my parents didn’t answer our questions. My dad had received a message with threats from delinquents asking for an amount of money that we didn’t have, and if it wasn’t paid within a certain amount of time, we were going to suffer the consequences. My father did not hesitate on leaving the country right away, within a day we had to find a way to get out of the country to avoid a family tragedy. Leaving the country this time, was harder than expected, we were doing so well and becoming successful. I have three years in the United States, having to accommodate to a new life again hasn’t been easy. It was hard leaving behind my family and friends, which I’ve grown up with. Facing these tough challenges, helped me become a much more mature person, it helped me see life’s meaning from different perspectives, to appreciate what I have in life. It is incredible how life can change in just a matter of seconds. I decided not to give up and bring myself down for having to start from the bottom once again to become successful in life, but
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