Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Miami Fl

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Throughout my childhood growing up in Miami Fl, was an amazing experience, it’s unique variety of cultures spread through one city is absolutely mind blowing. Although there was one thing one my mind at all times. One thing I never experienced was living out west and getting away from the Miami life. Its kind of hard to believe someone would prefer living out west, in the middle of nowhere than along a beach shoreline. As a matter of fact, living out west had become one of my priorities when I was making my college decision. For some odd reason I have at all times wanted to be near a desert or spacious land unlike Miami and that’s why this picture really has an essential meaning to myself.

This photo was taken by Ansel Adams back in 1960; a long deserted road fading away in the distance in between a pair of mountains in the Nevada desert with a never-ending impression is what the first thing the majority of people would say on their first glance and analysis of this photo. Because of the fact that this is most likely a road leading to Las Vegas, which was a major trendy city back in 1960, attracting many people from all over especially from close by, making it one of the prominent destinations for an incredible experience.
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As a viewer it is very comfortable to look at an image from a downward angle, you can observe the entire picture from a staring point. As a matter of fact I believe the photographer was trying to capture as much of a full range of mountains as possible in order to make the road have an obscure sense of direction of which this road is leading to. After about half way down the road it would be tough for a viewer to see in which direction the road is progressing around the mountain because of the angle above the hill that this picture was taken
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