Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Middle School

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When I was in elementary school I wasn’t the brightest kid. In fact, I always got B’s, C’s, and sometimes a D at school. Despite getting that score, my parents rarely got mad at me. As a kid, I would always wondered why my parents never care about it, and a lot of time I would think to myself that none of my parents is actually care about me. Going home from school, I got jealous of my friends that got picked up by their parents. My friends’ parents would always tutor their kids the school materials after school, except for my parents. I never accept that my parents are too busy working, but actually they worked from morning until late at night. I rarely got to spend time with them, my grandmother is the one who took care of me most of the time and that’s why I feel so grateful towards her all the time..…show more content…
Growing up, I don’t mean anything like my body grew, but what I mean is that I started to think a bit more mature than I was before. There was one saying that my mother often told me every time I got bad grades at school “It’s okay. You tried your hardest. I know you will try harder next time” (in indonesian language). Honestly, I barely studied and did not put my effort at all. I felt bad one day, realizing that all the hard works that my parents did to me and I paid them back with bad grades and bad behaviors. For me to had a better life, they even immigrated from Indonesia to United States. At first, I had a hard time trying to adapt in a whole new society and cultures. But the words that my mother often said to me stuck on my head forever. I realized that my parents actually have faith on me that I will have a better life. They sacrificed so much for me so that I could have a decent life. Although moving and trying to adapt to another country and learning the language was not easy for me, but I was able to overcome all those challenges. In high school, I was one of the honor society
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