Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Montana

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The place looked a lot like this. It smelled of fried fish and sunscreen, with a side of fries. I still cannot believe it happened. He just shot him like Han Solo and Greedo at the Cantina. Then the next shot hurt even more. I have not talked about it much since it happened. Everything happened so quickly. I had realized the same thing after taking a sip of the soup, but he acted without hesitation, which is not very surprising I suppose. For you to understand the whole story I should really start from the beginning, though. Growing up in Montana, I remember feeling so small in the vastness of the world. I think living in the middle of the woods really gives you a feeling of emptiness. It was not emotional emptiness, but a feeling harder to describe. I felt like that person in the middle of nowhere that makes a sound, but no one…show more content…
The back half plummeted to the ocean, and the front continued going forward. I could feel that we were spinning, and only the left wing was still attached. At that point everyone did not know what to do. We got our life vests from under our seats and put them on. The intercom still worked somehow, and the captain said that they can stabilize the plane to slow the spinning, but the landing will be very rough on the water. The words “brace for impact” did not give enough credit to that big hunk of metal breaching the surface. A few people without seatbelts went flying forward. The plane bobbed on its nose and flattened out. Water rushed in, but most people just sat there. True shock can completely paralyze a body. Andrew and I followed some other people that swam out while others tried to grab their belongings in the water or just gave up. There was a piece of the plane from the wing that was floating nearby. Five of us grabbed it and held on while the majority of it sank. Others struggled to swim to something they could grab onto. This was it. We were
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