Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Ohio

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In the middle of the night I began hearing loud footsteps. That awoke me from my deep slumber. I began to get up as I did I began hearing glass shatter. The glass was most likely from my mom's jewelry cabinet. At that moment I realized my house was being robbed. A sudden rush of fear, panic and adrenaline shot through my veins. Then a sharp pain shoots through the back of my head and I hit the floor. As I wake up nothing can be heard, but the slow and steady sound of a heart beat monitor . In a confusion of what was happening. The nurse notices me waking up and calls in the doctors to break the news to me. “Mr. Stone somebody had to break the news to you and I guess it's me. your house in Maine was partially burned down. It is assumed someone broke in and kidnapped your family. This is were it gets weird you are in Ohio. It took a while to identify you. You were foun a month and a half later from when you went missing is a ditch by the highway.”…show more content…
Leaving me breathless to what he just told me in the thirty second that felt like hours. Questions began racing through my head like, How did i get in Ohio, is my family ok, and most importantly who did this? This is when everything set in that I have no family, they might be all dead. The question of who did this was still looming in my mind. I began getting lost in my mind in a whirlpool of thoughts. I could of been there for
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