Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Southwest Atlanta

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Growing up in southwest Atlanta, Georgia, I have been surrounded by ‘black success’ instead of just ‘success’ for the duration of my life. The blacks in my area are equally as successful, if not more accomplished than, the non-blacks, but we are always titled separately and put into a captive box. The box we are held in told young girls that they should aspire to be athletes, cosmetologists, or plain unemployed. The same box told young men that they could only be considered “somebody” if they were able to catch a ball well. These are occupations we would ‘best be suited for’; these are occupations that perpetuate the box. My dream since I was twelve years old has been to break down that box. I wanted to be known as ‘great’ and not just ‘great…for a black woman.’ At my school, Westlake High School, we have…show more content…
As the great mayor of Atlanta Reed has created a significant number of jobs, bringing Atlanta to rank number 2 in the nation for job growth, which resulted in exponential growth in the metro Atlanta populations. With the increase in numbers, Mayor Reed made it his mission to make Atlanta a thriving city by reinforcing rapid transit with the city’s first Streetcar in over 40 years, opening up another terminal to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, the busiest in the world, and increasing sworn police officers to protect citizens. Kasim Reed, undoubtedly, faced numerous oppositions on his journey to the top. He was able to succeed because of his unwavering persistence and his dedication to the fruition of his dreams. Mayor Reed has inspired me to further my education and return to my hometown so I can contribute my knowledge and abilities back to the place that has given me so much. I am truly grateful to have grown up in Atlanta under the service of Kasim Reed and Mayor Reed’s diligence and enthusiasm will continue to inspire me and others like
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