Personal Narrative: Growing Up In The City Of Parkersburg

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As the sun sets behind a misty hill top, cricket’s chirp, barn owls hoot, and darkness seems inevitable. These simple things did not always give a feeling of serenity, but of fear, hate, and the question why. Growing up in the bustling city of Parkersburg there was always something to do. Whether it was sneaking four blocks up to the local corner store for a jumbo pixie stick or speeding down an alley way on our bicycles. Life was good, friends at every corner and never a boring moment then it happened. At around nine years of age two significant events occurred. First the announcement by my parents that I would be a big brother soon, not something I was thrilled about. The second event one way worse and more terrifying than a sibling, it was, a move. Yes my parents for one reason or another decided moving to a secluded sub-division fourteen miles away from town would be best for us. I was in absolute awe, how could this be happening?…show more content…
Returning them to friends that surely would not be forgotten. One Tonka truck to the delinquents next door, then some action figures to my second best friend down the street, and finally a few beat up hot wheels to the most loyal of childhood friends. By this time reality was sinking in and the thought of sue a girl living right across the street seeing me cry was too much and I ran home without ever saying goodbye. The next morning we were packed ready to go but not to our new house but to my uncles. We were to stay the summer at his place in Williamstown until our new home was ready. Being so young details on why were not given. So life in this smaller, quiet, peaceful town was good. A pool in the back yard and safe streets to ride my bike even a few friends were made that
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