Personal Narrative: Growing Up With High School

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Sweaty palms, watery eyes, stomach in knots, throat feeling as if it is slowly and painfully closing, all of your body is shutting down in fear. As a seventh grader nothing seemed cooler than hanging out with high school students; they were older, mature and experienced. Strolling through the crème colored hallway, observing the jealousy burn in the eyes of your peers, Checking the vibration in your pocket just to see another Facebook notification reading you have received more likes on the pictures you took while hanging out with the older students, nothing made one feel more superior than this. Throughout my entire life I had always longed to be seen as older than I was, I wanted to be all grown up by the age of five. I yearned for the freedom of not having to listen to my parent’s nag and throw out commands that they demand me to complete. My parents had always noticed my desire to grow up before my time and how I was more mature than most children of my age, they respected that which resulted in them holding me accountable for more responsibilities and allowed me to do more. In addition to my parents viewing me more maturely, strangers often did too, mainly because of my height, in some cases I would be mistaken for more…show more content…
Overnight I had stayed awake trying to comprehend all that had occurred, I just could not make sense of any of it. How could someone I thought I knew so well be so different? Why had I not listened to my parents? The one thing that became apparent is I was not ready to grow up, I have my whole life to be a grown up, but only so many years of childhood, it was too valuable of a time frame to focus on growing up. The next morning, I could not have been more eager to arrive home and spend time in the comfort of my parents where I could finally feel safe and
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