Personal Narrative: Guilford Middle School

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It all started when my mom told me this: “David, you are going to spend your eighth grade year at Guilford Middle.” Guilford Middle School, my school prior to Holicong, was considered infamous by the community. Their horrible reputation mostly came from the gross condition of the school. The school was about a hundred years old and the walls were abundant with mold. Personally, I was disgusted by the unsanitary environment here. During lunch, I bought a delicious chocolate-chip cookie I was planning to devour. As I opened the wrapper, I saw multiple pieces of hair in the cookie. I immediately threw the cookie away. There was no way I was going to eat a hairy cookie. Unfortunately, this was not the only disturbing event at GMS. In science…show more content…
I would not be able to graduate with my friends and never go to school with them ever again. Right now, my GMS friends are in high school telling me they missed me so much. They told me: “School’s so boring without you!” After reading this, I had no other choice but to visit them. During winter break, my family and I went to Greensboro, North Carolina to visit my friends. When I told Amarya and my other pals that I was in NC, they were so excited to meet me. I met with my friends at the mall, and we talked about everything teenagers talk about. I was so delighted I got to meet my soul mates again. I felt reunited with them. Through GMS, I learned that you have to make the best out of every situation. If I was sent to a notorious school, so what? What matters is how you react to every scenario. I reacted by complaining, which got me nowhere. Every day I regret the moments when I was complaining about GMS. However, when I actually stopped complaining and studied hard, great things returned back to me, like making new friends and getting good grades. You always have to live life to the fullest, because you may never know what life is going to throw back at
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