Personal Narrative: Gymnastic And Cheerleading

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Everyone lives by a set of morals. People grow up in different environments and are raised a certain way. I fee up in a household where my life was revolves around gymnastic and cheerleading. I ate, slept, and breathed those sixteen glorious years. I continued my career throughout high school. My sophomore year was coming to an end, but unfortunately I was unable to practice due to the fact that I tore my hamstring. I was required to attend practices, and prepare for my return. Coaches were thinking about changes for next year, while getting us ready for nationals. Word on the mat was that requirements to make varsity were advancing. I had a good friend that deserves to be on varsity. She has such amazing talent, just couldn 't tumble. I came across the sheet with potential changes to be on varsity.…show more content…
I told her to keep it between us and that I would love to help her be the best! Days went on, and I eventually forgot about it. Weeks later, it was brought to my attention that a meeting was being held instead of practice. The JV coach shared that someone leaked the potential requirement and put fear into cheerleaders, who were thinking about not trying out next
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