Personal Narrative: Habitat For Humanity

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Volunteering on behalf of Habitat for Humanity was an eyeopening experience, as I was able to witness the positive changes I made. Habitat for Humanity strives to bring communities together, using volunteers to build homes for those in need. Upon discovering my local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, I instantly signed up for the next build and spent my entire Saturday helping a family in need. Hardly having nailed something before, I was suddenly tasked with building the frame and siding of somebody's future home. I took this responsibility seriously and spent the next 8 hours meticulously nailing away, making sure I made no mistakes. As I left the site I looked at the once concrete slab, now turned into the foundation of a person’s home, with a sense of pride and accomplishment.…show more content…
However, this time the future owners would be joining me. Since my last visit, the house has come a long way with the addition of plumbing and electric. At the end of the day, the couple who would be residing in the house thanked us greatly for the work we had contributed. A complete group of strangers worked several hours not only to give this family a home, but also to give them hope. Hope is the greatest thing you can give to a community, and, watching as this family thanked us, I realized that we had lit a spark of hope within those who need it
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