Personal Narrative: Half A Birthmark

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From the day we open our eyes, our fate is decided. Each person is born with half a birthmark. It can be shaped like anything; a heart, a circle, a hotdog, you name it. The other half of the birthmark belongs to your soulmate, your one true love. If your soulmate dies, you will never find that special person. Some people find their soulmates as little kids, running around on the kindergarten playground, or at the local swimming pool. They become best friends, and eventually get married. Because they're soulmates. People say it's a gift from god, showing them where they belong. In our life, races are very separated. No one shares a mark with a different race. That just the way it is. And as far as I'm concerned, no one has ever went against …show more content…

The first baby of the new year. My parents gave birth to a smiling baby, with brown sugar hair and the brightest blue eyes you've ever seen. For the first two minutes of my life, I was the perfect baby. Just two minutes, before they realized I didn't have a birthmark. Immediate panic, would be two words to express the actions of everyone in the hospital, the town, the city, the state, the media, the nation, and the world. Word spread like wildfire, I was famous before I left the hospital. Flash forward 16 years, and you've got me. My hair is short, dyed a lighter brown/blonde and shaved into an undercut. I've developed a couple of freckles along my cheeks to compliment my pasty white skin. I wear circular glasses with golden framework and a small planet Engraved on the side. I have a thin figure, complimented by muscular arms and legs. My nose is small, pointed and pierced along with my ears, even though my ears have several more piercings. My earrings are shaped like each of the planets. Don't get me wrong, I'm not goth, but I certainly have my own style. I'm sporting a NASA shirt, covered up by a thin black leather jacket. My legs are covered up by black capris. Oh, I'm also wearing crocs. Why not? I'm walking along Lake Michigan, trying to shelter myself from the cold Chicago winds. You might think I'm walking to school, me being 16 and all, but you'd be wrong. I graduated from Harvard 4 years ago, at 12. I've got the highest IQ …show more content…

“Meet someone?” I felt my face redden. Crap. “You did?! Tell, now.” I wasn't really paying much attention to her though, because I could have sworn I saw Alex’s face fall. That's weird… I thought to myself. “Al!! Tell us!!” Allison scream brought me back into reality, the frown of confusion on my face morphed back into the ‘I don't know what you're talking about look’.
“Um, yeah I met someone, but they can't be my soulmate if that what you're wondering.” I watched as Alex’s face seemed to brighten again. I wonder?....
“Awwwww! Why can't they be?” Allison asked, interrupting my train of thought. She could be so oblivious sometimes.
“Beeeecause THEY were a girl… and they were African American.” I explained, putting emphasis on ‘girl’, that would be a crazy idea.
“Oh” Allison said, losing all of her energy, but then getting it back almost immediately, I swear she’s exactly like a little kid. “Eh,” she waved a hand carelessly “you'll find that someone one day.” I thought I should reminder that she has yet to find her ‘special someone’ as well, but I decided not to. “Anyway, let's get studying!” She said, and I leapt over the couch between them, and opened the

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