Personal Narrative: Handling Conflict

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Growing up my parents had two very different ways for handling conflict between my siblings and myself. I use us as an example because growing up and even today I never really see my parents get angry about anything. With my mom she was more of a disciplinary parent and she was very strict on my siblings and myself. When we would argue between the three of us she was make us talk about why we were angry. If we did not go along with this excerise she would discipline us by taking things that we loves (cellphone, tv, etc.). Now my dad was totally different, he never said to much but when he did the fear of God would overcome us. He could look as us and we instantly knew to stop doing whatever we were doing. When it comes to conflict I am more like my father. When I am introduced with conflict especially in the jobs that I have, I have to be calm and look at the entire situation as a whole. I can very passive when it comes to conflict, because I feel no situation is ever…show more content…
They teach me understanding skills of students their age since I am older. Many times when there are issues in my building and I have to talk to a resident I always like to bring a RA with me so that the conflict has many different view points. When I have them there with me in conflicting situations they are also I backing for me with issues. Watching them handle conflicting issues is always great to see because I know that they are learning from me and I am learning from them as well. When I have deal with issues like noise complaints, roommate conflict, etc. I take many ways of how my mother dealt with conflict between my siblings and myself and it seems to work and the resident refocus their anger elsewhere and peace is normally restored. Watching parents deal with conflict between my siblings and I has in every way shaped my judgement on how I handle things with my
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