Personal Narrative: Handlock Damage

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I have recently started playing hearthstone competeively again, and I always go back to my good old handlock deck. So with the new combo decks and aggro deck I have made handlock decks according to their decks. [The deck I run.]( First I will go over the mulligans for each class/deck and I will go over the matchups. **Hunter**: You want to mulligan everything but your chow, hellfire, molten giant, healbots, and dark bombs. This one is pretty straight forward, if you dont have any heals/taunts you will die around turn 3/6. For hunter its usually a bad matchup for you unless you have healbots/molten giants, if you manage to get past hunters insane turn 1-7 and heal up you almost always win after that. Also taunting/silencing a watcher turn 2 is a great way to slow down hunter. **Paladin**: Paladins you want to mulligan for chow, hellfire, giants and drakes, also keeping an owl can be useful so you can silence your giant if it gets peace keepered. So, control paladin can be rough sometimes because of eqaulity concecrate so I would suggest not over playing your minions, maybe keep a maximum of 3 big guys on board and save the rest, also play very control heavy constantly clear their minions and keep their value low. Aggro paladin on the other hand is rough. You have to survive all of their buffs and minion spam, and…show more content…
Shaman has 3 different decks that I fight when I actually fight a shaman mech shaman, breaker shaman and control shaman. All of these deck are fairley easy to beat just clear their board play big creatures and win :^). Also for turn 4 if you have a giant and a drake alot of times you have to play around hex and earthshock, so if you they a board i play my giant and if they dont I play my drake. Shaman is a pretty easy matchup just clear their board early game put pressure mid/late game and push to
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