Personal Narrative: Hardships Of Having A Disability

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Hardships of having a Disability
As a young kid everyone imagines life will be easy not worry about much just being good and going to school and enjoying everything about their youth. I would hope the same would be for me but instead I grew up being called names or being pushed around by older kids, I hated going to school had no one to tell about my situation i tried so hard to no sign of weakness ,but the emotions of loneliness and sadness would take over me i constantly thought “why me why couldn’t I be born a normal person” but as i grew older I came to realize that this is my life and that there’s nothing i can do to change it. I thought that by middle school my situation would get better but unfortunately it didn’t every time I walked
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So high school came around and it was all good till some kid made a wrongful remark towards me while i was walking to class with my friend he heard the name the kid called me and he instantly punched him in the face, we three got sent to the office and had a sitting with the principal and I told her how i’ve been struggling with bullying throughout my school years and that the boy called me “limps” and my friend got mad and punched him she understood that it was wrong for him to do that, but that it didn’t justify my friend to hit that boy so my friend got 2 days ISS and the other kid got OSS for 3 days.After the boy came back for his suspension his mother made him apologize to me and made him realized that no one should ever be judged by something they’re born with, we are all equal we are humans and should treat everyone the same way we would like to be treated, the crazy thing about this whole situation is that as i left high school those same people that would treat me different and that would call me names see doing good now they congratulate me and tell me “I’m really sorry for how I treated back in high school”,but me being a good person i forgave them and just told them that it was wrong because they’ll eventually have kids and they wouldn’t like them going through the same as i did, some kids actually commit suicide because of this but luckily I toughened up and made myself realize that I can’t magically change myself this is the way i will live, It was such a hard experience but thanks to those that cared for me for not leaving me alone and helped me get through it even though i have this condition I have a healthy life and thanks to god I can work on my own and that there is more unfortunate people that have worse conditions than me and can walk or do anything alone.In conclusion I thank all the negativity I got growing up not saying that it was a good thing but because it gave me a clear picture that no one can judge me

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