Personal Narrative: Hate In The World

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Love: I have always felt that I was loved. Loved by my family, my friends, and the people I go to church with. But once, I didn’t feel as if I was loved. Between the eighth and ninth grade, I felt very lonely. I found out that not everyone are what they appear to be. Sure I talked to people in my grade, but I felt alone. I felt inferior. I felt as if I was invisible, that people only saw me when they only wanted something. Sure I had the love of my family, but it was difficult going to school feeling alone. But in the eleventh grade, I connected with some people in my classes, that I have the most wonderful friendships with. I sometimes feel as though that they are my sisters at times, when we are hanging out with each other.…show more content…
I hated when my younger sister disrespected my parents. I hated when my older sister’s “so -called” friends made her feel inferior and left her out of everything. I hate when my family are divided by anger or having a huge fight. There are many things I hate, but what I hate the most is the all the hate in the world. It sounds crazy to say that I hate all the hate in today’s world, but I have a lot reasons to feel this way. The reasons are the rise of police brutality, the rise of quiet racism, and the hatred and evil that is going around in the

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