Personal Narrative-Hate

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Hate, an intense or passionate dislike originated from Germanic. Hate is a word that is extremely common everywhere yet uncommon to those who love. Hate also has an emotional involvement abhorrence towards a person, place, or thing. I personally experience several forms of hate such as, self-hate, general world hate, and sexuality hate. I experience many different types of self-hate such as, my height, my attitude, and my hair. Height is a special characteristic that makes one who they are, but I personally dislike being tall. One day, a guy caught my attention, so I went about talking to him. When we started talking, he was not interested because I was taller than him. Another dislike I have about myself is my attitude. I am told that I will…show more content…
I personally believe that girl on girl (lesbians) should be stopped. Yes, at the end of the day people have their own interest but I personally dislike lesbians. I feel as though, you can try to see what it is that you like, but you should have sexual interactions with the opposite sex. Regarding pleasure, the same thing a female can do to and for you so can a male. I also feel as though guy on guy (gays) should stop for the same reasoning I stated for lesbians. Transsexuals are another thing I hate as far as sexuality. I do not think one should change their sex, and should stay what they were born as, male or female. Some are born with the predisposition to being transgender formed prenatally, but generally gender identity seems to be fully formed before the age of 7, and becomes difficult to change and influence later. Although there are major factors in the development of being a transgender, one should not put self through the process. Chemical/hormonal, genetic, and environmental all effect thoughts on being transgender. Everyone should remain the sex that they were born as in my opinion. The word hate is often used everywhere, and when it is, it is generally used as a substandard. On the other hand, there is love, an intense feeling of deep affection towards a person, place, or thing. My personal experiences of hate are self-hate, general world hate, and sexuality hate as I briefly explained
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