Personal Narrative: Haunted Blade

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Haunted Blade I never really believed in things being haunted or anything supernatural at all in my life, at least not until a few nights ago. Right now I’m writing this on a piece of toilet paper with my own blood and a needle I stole from one of the nurses here at the mental ward. They’re going to lock me up forever once they find me. This needs to be recorded now. I was a normal rebellious kid, senior year, cars, girls, and drinking the nights away at parties. I passed my classes and had a future at college. The other things were just fun on the side. I couldn't really stress about school 24/7. The night I lost my mind was the night of the biggest house party of the year. A house overflowing with high school kids, alcohol, weed, and bodily fluids. I can't go into much detail due to the lack of time I have, and I can't really remember what else happened at the party. All I know is that it, the last amount of fun I would ever really have at a party.…show more content…
We decided to take a shortcut through the local cemetery. Now my friend Josh, he was weird. He kept going on about when we enter the cemetery don't think negative, don't joke about calling some spirit over to mess around with us. Most of all, and he couldn't stress this enough. “DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING WITH YOU FROM THE CEMETERY. ANYTHING...” Josh said stopping us all before walking through the

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