Personal Narrative: Have It Your Way

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Have It Your Way In Arizona State University, many famous restaurants around the campus, the example of Burger King. I have had had many company’s products from Burger King. I like it not just the food flavor, and I like its innovative revolution in food and merchandisers worked brainstorm to advertisements or goods. I tried to eat burgers, hotdogs or sandwiches in a week. This experience took impact on my taste. Burger King is located at Memorial Union and it is in lower level. A half of lower level is used by Burger King. There are many different food as people can see behind three big cash registers. The right of cash registers are the waiting part, which means people will get food or wait for their own food from here. However, the outside…show more content…
I tried to have double of Whopper Sandwich. The service of burger was very effective, and they made food fast. The smile always on cashiers’ faces. When I bite it first, gravy flowed to my mouth and the taste of juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions came together. My feeling was so comfortable, because when I eat double beefs after a bite. The power burst forth strength. The meal included sandwich, fries and drinks. In Burger King, the taste of fries are unique. McDonald’s fries are small and slender, they are suitable for old people or kids. However, the big and thick fries are more suitable for students. They are very simple to hold and people can eat them fast. When we have a class in rush hour, they just save our time. I have been Japan for travel many years ago, and Japanese Burger King created all- black burger. The crust was made from bamboo charcoal, between the Onions, lettuce, they mixed the sauce and garlic oil on squid black. In the middle of burger. The black pepper beef mixed with bamboo charcoal black cheese. This product was made whole black. This kind of product was not very delicious but still many people wanted to try it. The black burger gave people more interesting ideas and customers wanted to explore what the real things in this burger. This is good food

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