Personal Narrative: Helen Reddy's Opportunity

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I think it was very brave for Helen Reddy to say what she said when accepting her Grammy. Usually artists have a small amount of time to thank those that got he or she to the current standing. In that small amount time Helen Reddy confidently walked up to the stage and knew exactly what she was going say and how she was going to address it. “‘I am strong. I am invincible. I am wooooman!” Sang Reddy, who won a Grammy for her performance and thanked “God because She makes everything possible’” (Collins 159). This is a perfect example of stating what you believe and not caring what other might think of you. She saw her perfect oppertunitty to address the issue that women are just as high up there as men and she did it in a way that really grabbed…show more content…
Sherri had been struggling with morning sickness and thought that she should try taking medicine. She watched her husband that had just gotten back Europe place the medicine all the way on the top cubboard. Regardless of what drug was inside, if I saw someone put something out of reach I think I would be pretty hesitatent to just grab it right away when I did not feel well. Once she realized what she took, Sherri called her doctor and told him what happened. His solution was, “‘If you were my wife, I’d give you the same advice,” the doctor told her. “Let’s terminate the pregnancy and start again next month’” (Collins 167). It took a couple minutes to process the words I just read because the doctor made it sound like being pregnant was equivalant to writing the wrong word in pen. Pregnancy is actually pretty complicated when you put it into perspective because about it, there is another life being created inside a woman’s body. It just amazes how incompetent some people can be. “Start again next month.” What if this was the only chance she would ever be able to have a child and his solution was to just try again the next
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