Personal Narrative-Hepatitis B

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“If you think it would be wise to cancel, I don’t mind. You have done a great job looking after my safety.” Tank watched Yasir as a peaceful smile filled his face. The next day, two cars with darkened windows, pulled into the compound. Yasir, went out to greet them. Out of the first car, walked two men who were obviously security. Both brandished automatic weapons. From the other car emerged a third armed man. When they had scanned the compound, one man nodded to the remaining occupant still in the car. A woman stepped from the safety of the car. She was a pleasantly curvy, middle-aged woman, with a quiet disposition and a noticeable slouch. Her skin was a color that reminded Tank of a warm late summers day. “Tank, this is Sister Abda Afridi,…show more content…
His handlers went under the names of “Kate,” “Toni,” “Sara,” and “Sue.” They found bin Laden in Abbottabad. Shakil assembled a team of nurses and canvassed the area around the compound for a hepatitis B vaccination program. The team sought for women between the ages of 15 to 45 to sweet-talk them into taking the needle. They would test them all before giving the vaccine. The first drop of blood drawn from the patient, they blotted on a rapid test strip, which then showed, within minutes, if the patient is infected with hepatitis. If the patient is negative, the nurses administered the vaccination. Amna and Bakhto, two nurses who were part of the team were the ones who, along with Shakil went to the Big House. After obtaining a sample from bin Laden’s children, Shakil then took the blood to his CIA handler. I’m sure you know the rest of the story about the murder at the Big House.” The term she used, “the murder at the Big House,” spoke volumes as to her loyalties. Tank knew he needed to exercise extreme…show more content…
How do you know all these details?” Tank probed her for more. “They permitted us a one-time only, 30-minute visit with him on May 23, 2011. Jamil my brother and my sister went with me. He gave us what details he could. The rest we learned from other sources.” She refused to explain who those other sources were. Her reply tweaked Tank’s interest further. The date she claimed to have visited her brother the news had reported was his date of sentence. With greater caution, he pressed in deeper. “Now it’s coming back to me,” said Tank. “I remember the CNN news broadcasts. Without a doubt, you can’t always trust the mainstream media. If I can remember correctly, they said that after he delivered the children’s blood, your brother returned to the Big House just before the raid. Why would he do that?” Abda stared at him awkwardly. “Yes, he told us that he did return.” “Why on earth did he do that? That doesn’t seem to make sense.” Tank felt that it was unwise to press her too much

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