Personal Narrative: Her Grandfather

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Her mother is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, then she moved to a rural town in Greenwood, South Carolina where she met her husband. Unfortunately, Randolph’s father was hung at age 7. Her mother was a certified nurse and her father was enlisted in the military. Ms. Randolph’s grandmother was like a second mother to her, and very instrumental in her life, which she lived within 5 miles. She would display great excitement when she visits her grandmother every weekend. Her mother was born to a large and close-knit family. She was one of seven siblings, and was also the youngest child. As far as she can remember, her grandmother and mother were very loving and nurturing, on the other hand, they had very little input in her education. There were never really any dialogues with her mother or…show more content…
He carried a .22-caliber pistol he had taken from his grandmother 's house and loaded it with hollow-point bullets. First, he stopped in the cafeteria where he started shooting at the children and teachers, hitting several. Then he walked out of the cafeteria and into a restroom, reloaded his gun, then proceeded down the hall to my third-grade classroom and then opened fire again. We heard shooting, and my teacher pushed students under the desk, I could her the shooter turn the knob to our classroom. When his gun was empty, he dropped it and climbed out of a classroom window. This was the worst experience of my life. Counseling helped me overcome the terror of the shooting.”5 After elementary school, she lived on the North side of town in a middle-class neighborhood and attended a predominately white elementary school. Her family was the only black family that reside in the community. “I was the only black girl in most of my classes throughout elementary and middle school and it didn’t bother me, my purpose was to learn and earn a good education”.6 She expressed that even
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