Personal Narrative: Hi Lee Paredon

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Hi LeeMarie! I can 't believe you 're returning tomorrow! Can you teach me to surf in 4 days!? I 've only tried it a few times and I was NEVER able to stand up, but I 'm going to give it my best shot in El Nido! Your trip sounds like it warrants few "amazings" :) Especially the surf town. I googled it up and it looks absolutely beautiful. I can 't wait to see pictures. And I 'm looking forward to reading your story on the non-profit. Was that in El Paredon too? How were the puppies? How was the coffee? Tell me you 're coming back with a few pounds of coffee, a couple of dogs and a new cat named 'queso fresco '. Well ... maybe with a different name, but you get the point :) This past week was pretty hectic, and I had to handle some

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