Personal Narrative: High School Basketball

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Basketball It was my senior year, and I was about to play my last game of high school basketball. My adrenaline was rising as I was listening to some rap songs. I was ready to play, but I was upset that this would be my last high school game. I was hyped up and ready for warm ups. We came out of the locker room, and I was the first in line for lay-ups. I jumped as high as I could and I could have easily dunked it, but I did not want to give my team a technical foul for dunking. I felt like I could fly when I jumped in the air. After warm ups, they called our team’s starters. When they put that spotlight on me, I felt like a star. After shaking the refs hand, it was time for the tip-off. I was jumping, so I soared through the air and tipped it to my teammate. My teammate passed me the ball, and I shot a three pointer. I made …show more content…

We were winning so big, and I thought it was a great game. When I looked around the locker room and saw everyone’s faces, I felt selfish. I had only been thinking about myself and this game being my last. I had not thought about my other teammates who also were playing their last high school basketball game. My coach told me to pass the ball to my teammates, even though I was scoring a ton of points. I apologized to my coach and to my teammates for being a ball hog. I promised all of them that I would be a better team player for the second half of the game. After our talk, my coach and team got my adrenaline going again by starting basketball chants. We were on our way out of the locker room for the second half, and as the lights shined down on me, the crowd chanted my name. It was surreal! It felt so good to be known and loved by the fans. I did as I promised in the second half, and I passed the ball to my teammates. We won the game! I was so thankful to be a part of that high school basketball team, and it is a time in my life that I will never forget

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