Personal Narrative-High School Football

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I was in a classroom with my soccer teammates waiting to be called in the announcements to get in the bus. We had become district, bi district, and area champions that year and we were on our way to play the regional final in Tyler, TX. When they called us up to board the bus we made our way to the front of the school where the bus was waiting for us. At our surprise the whole school was in the hallways cheering for us with posters that had our names and numbers on them and even with the school band leading us out. Cameras flashed, students cheered, and teachers clapped. It felt like we were a professional NFL team arriving at a stadium full of fans waiting to see us. As we got on the bus excited and ready to start our journey our assistant…show more content…
Not only for our school but for the entire DISD family. We were the only soccer team throughout DISD history to make it this far. I suddenly got chills run through my body like the ones you get when you touch the shower water and it is still cold. The bus took off to Tyler and for almost two hours I would just be contemplating the places we passed while I listened to my music. Most of my teammates slept during the trip, but I couldn’t because I wanted to witness everything and soak the new experiences like a sponge. After a long trip to Tyler we finally reached the hotel we were going to stay at until our game the next day. We unloaded our stuff and then the coach told us what room and with which teammates we were going to stay with. I got to sleep with my teammates Francisco, Omar, and Juan. We went up to our room and two had to sleep in each bed because we only had two beds in the room. I slept with Francisco while Juan and Omar slept together. We watched a couple of movies and ate some fruit that evening because we had really nothing else to do. Coach later told the team to meet him up in the hotel lobby. We went down and saw him with some sheets of paper in his
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