How Football Changed My Life Essay

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As a little boy I had big dreams of playing football. When I was walking in the halls of the intermediate and middle school and saw the high school football players with their jerseys on, they were like super stars. I looked up to them because I wanted to be like them. The high school football players were popular, they were happy, and they were important to the school. Going to the football games on Friday nights was the highlight of my week. I told my mom that I wanted to be out there one day and she would be my biggest fan and cheer me on to victory. She said “ Sure Connor, but you go a few more years to go.” My father was energized for me to play football since he thought I would be incredible at it. My dad saw a future of me go to college playing football and being the first one in my family going to college. In the fall of 2009, my dad picked me up to take me to his house for the weekend. That morning we drove around to his friend’s houses. He spent time with them and I played with their children. My dad was drinking and became drunk. We started to head to his house when the accident happen. This accident forever changed my life. My dad nodded off at the worst possible time and we …show more content…

I had to go get a physical done to be eligible. The doctor that gave me a physical recommended me to go see a back doctor with my herniated disc that I got a few years ago. A few weeks have gone by since the physical when I went to go see the back doctor. During that time I had been practicing with the team. When I seen the back doctor he told I needed to stop playing football. When those words came out of his mouth my heart stopped and fell out of my chest. He told me I was not allowed to play more for anymore and in fear of me getting paralyzed from the waist down. I lost the chance for possibly earning a scholarship to go to help pay for

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