Personal Narrative-High School Meeting

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It was time. The moment my twenty committee members and I had been waiting for: the committee reveal. Both my hands were tightly gripped onto the hands of my friends as our eyes filled with eagerness, and our throats had swelled from angst. ‘Did we break the record?’ was the common question thought amongst my peers that remained in this classroom, scattered with committee items and food for the night. The past school year of 2016-2017, twenty upperclassmen worked alongside club advisors and me to create the infamous night at Manasquan High School: Squan-A-Thon. The twelve-hour dance-a-thon that is focused on raising money for local children with cancer or affected by other serious illnesses. However, for the committee that plans the night, it is moreso a twenty-four-hour shift. The decorating begins once the students leave at 2:30 pm and does not stop until the participating students arrive back at 7:00 pm for check-in. The committee members dedicate their school year and summer raising money through various fundraising efforts,…show more content…
Slacking off was not an option. For this non-profit organization to strive as it has in previous years there is great demand for the committee to execute and organize daily, there is no room for inadequacy. Being a committee member demands diligence and responsibility, which also must remain consistent throughout the year.

It was all worth it, though. I never realized how much the monetary reveal would mean to me as a committee member. It was sensational to see how much my contribution to communal success could affect so many people in an instant. As members of the committee, we reveal the total amount the participating students and community have raised at the end of the ‘Squan-A-Thon’ event. The night runs from 7 pm to 8 am and the committee only finds out ten minutes beforehand if the previous record was beaten from the last year. The goal remains the same
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