Personal Narrative: Hiroshima Japan

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1945 August 2nd Hiroshima Japan. I was only 18 when the sun bursted into my eyes and found my little sister screaming Akio! Akio! “You have to drive me to school! I’m going to be late!”. Her name was Aimi she is the main reason I still wake up in the morning. “Did you make your lunch” I groaned Mom made it for me, Our parents work all day only time we see them is on the weekends. Aimi loves school one kid I ever me who loves getting up early and going to a place where you only sit and write. Maybe it's because it's the one time of day she’s able to hang out with her friends. I grab my keys and see her watching the news something about war and how you are able tryout for the army. I grab the remote as faster than a scared rat, “hey I was watching…show more content…
I don’t have a job but I try my best to get the money that I need to help with getting food on the table but not all the time I can get a job on the streets but my Father tells me I should tryout for the army but I decline every time he asks me other times I just don’t respond but every time I think tomorrow is another day. I never really respected my parents I always thought they just had children so they could follow in their legacy but they really never talk to us, Dad yells at the tv when anything about America comes on and Mom just thinks about her looks and never once I have seen them put attention on…show more content…
He says that he was out getting lunch by a nearby noodle place and when he walked out it all went black from there.
“Aimi wa dokodesu ka?” (where is Aimi)
“Gakkō de, naze?” ( at school why?)
He ran across the room to a wooden drawer that he keeps his personal things like pictures off his parents. Instead of looking for a picture he thrashed through the drawer to find his keys for his car. He passed them underhand to me as the panicked look on his face he said “Anata to anata no shimai ni iku hitsuyō ga arimasu!” (Akoi you must go and get your sister)
I try to calm him down but he rushes out the door with my keys! With what looked like 400 yen so I do what the old man tells me to and I go get Aimi. As I park into the lot next to her school I start to think to myself “why?” can’t if my old man has gone crazy or if he is on to something. When I pick up Aimi she asks
“Dō shita no?” (What’s going on?)
I panic to find an answer and I do the only thing that I think is reasonable. I brought the one thing that might comfort her, the doll an object that she values most the one thing that brings her hope and love. I now am starting to think something is coming something really, really
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