Personal Narrative: Holden's Play Akron In Football

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It was hard to believe I was headed to University of Michigan to watch the Wolverines play Akron in football. It was my first time going to the Big House. Our tickets came late, we had to print off four copies to get in . We got there so early we tailgated with some students. Then went to buffalo wild wings for drinks and to use the bathroom before we went in the stadium. We also got wings because you can 't not get wings. It was just the four of us Jackson, Craig, Me, and my dad. Our seats were perfect. They were on the 50 yard line 20 rows up. Our friends had season tickets. They live in Utah so they gave them to us because we live closer to the Big house. We were so excited to go. We got up at 6 am which means we had an hour to get ready 2 hours to get there, 1 hour for lunch, 1 for shopping and getting in.…show more content…
We left because my dad wanted to, and right as we left Denard Robinson the QB scored a touchdown and they won. After the game we went back to Michigan state campus because it was so far from my house and it was dinnertime. We went to buffalo wild wings and got the 50 basket of wings. Ever since my dad told mel men don 't eat boneless” to this day I still don 't eat boneless wings. We watched the Oregon vs Tennessee game on ABC while we chowed on wings. Maitner 2 After dinner we hopped in the Beemer to go back and go to bed at home. But I said no, so we went and met people at the Kishman 's new basement. We wanted to watch a movie but we couldn 't decide what to watch. My dad said lets watch we 're the Millers and I was like ok! So down came three girls I didn 't know but jackson did, So we watched a movie and loved It. It was the first time I saw were the Millers and I
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