Personal Narrative: Holocaust Survivor

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This was the end, I survived here for a little over 2 years. I wasn’t Marshal Schwartz, a 35 year old man anymore, I was 566732. I needed to stay alive until I was free, I wanted to tell my tale. My first job was working in the bathrooms, however, the guards realized that my strength could be used to sweep up dead bodies. I hated that job, it was so hard to see the helpless little children. My brother, Judah and I were very strong, people would compare us to Hercules. I came from a wealthy family, my father was a banker so he always away. I used to take care of Judah and my cousin, Sarah. My brother was a genius, he was a regular Einstein. Sarah was 4 years old when her mother and father died in a horrible car crash. I loved them both more…show more content…
I knew what they were going to do to me. I know I should’ve done better and kept my feelings inside but I couldn’t help it. I needed for people to hear what they did. I heard my number being called and I walked to the center of the camp. Everyone else was around us and looking at me. The SS officer told everyone that if they ever acted like I did then they too would be killed. That’s when it happened, I heard the gunshot. I fell to the ground and everyone left me alone to die. My emotions took control over me, I knew I should have kept going and keep hope but I couldn’t. I saw people going back to their work block and they were stricken with fear. I wanted to make a difference here but there was no way I could do that. I am now writing in this journal about my story. I packed it in my bag but never had the chance to right in it. I was slowly dying but I needed to share my story. I never thought that someone could go through all of this to get rid of us but Hitler managed to pull it off. I wanted to know why this had to happen and how anyone allowed it. My whole life I believed that there was some sort of “God.” I prayed to him everyday when something bad would happen. Now, my trust in god has started to shrink. If there really was a god, why would this happen to us? Did we do something to deserve

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