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Regardless of those horrors during his time as a police officer, the horror he is exposed to ever since he joined the special unit, by far overshadows his days as a cop. The harshness of the world he is currently living in took it’s toll on him and his marriage. He should have known his marriage was over after their first year, but he was too busy to notice. Until the sheriff arrived with a summons for divorce in his second year on the unit. By this time, it was too late and he signed the document without forethought. Yes he was a dick, and he knew it. But it was better that way. He still loved her, which was the reason why he had to let her go. “Hotel 2 this is hotel 1, Foxtrot is also in place on the roof, we move in 2 minutes, over.”This time the radio stays silent.…show more content…
Tugging on his vest, making sure the Kevlar is secure. Wearing full protective gear except for a helmet, he smiles at himself as he realizes, none of this will matter if he is shot in the face today. “Hotel 2 this is hotel 1 we are on green light, proceed as planned, over.” His radio screeches once again and this time it sounds like he can hear a voice in the static, a voice saying ‘Please don’t’. He peeks around as if he might indeed see where the signal is coming from. He brings the radio closer to his mouth again.”Hotel 1 this is hotel 2 repeat that last part over.” “Hotel 2 this is hotel 1 …proceed as planned” The radio once again picks up static, but this time he hears
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