Personal Narrative: Homecoming Day At Dierks High School

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Although many special events have happened lately the football game that was played against spring hill was of special events. That bright sunny day at Dierks High school it was homecoming day. As all the girls were dressed up in their elegant dresses blue jeans and t-shirts were what everyone else was wearing. The mums glitter and shined as they walked down the homecoming court their hair all in place. The boys dressed in their sharp dressed suits with their hair slicked back. As the homecoming came to an end the pep rally was beginning the crowd was boisterous than usually something was in the air it was a win coming our way. Ever one could tell the football boys could feel it to it was a tremendous feeling that ever one would hope that would last forever.…show more content…
As the girls stepped on the field with their fathers the fathers seemed proud of their daughters knowing that they are mature young ladies. The boys joking around as they stand on the field smiling as bright as the sun. As people lined up at the sprit line the football boys started to get rowdy and then there they went onto the field as fire works shot up and the siren went off. The game had began and so did the crowd as they jumped up and down from there seats. Snap to whistle the boys made a perfect effort out on the field as touchdown after touchdown. They were unstoppable and the other team could feel the loser train heading there way. After half time it was already fifty-two to zero. So as everyone knows is when the mercy rule needed to be applied. Second sterm went out on the field then there went a touchdown for springhill about two minutes left on the
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