Personal Narrative: Homecoming Week

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“You come to realize that life is short, and you have to step up. Don’t feel sorry for me. Much is expected of those who are strong,” tennis star Arthur Ashe. Homecoming week, one of the most important weeks of the volleyball season, where everyone in the community comes to watch the big Tuesday night game. The week before the homecoming game, we found out that our starting senior libero got sick with Mononucleosis, which meant that she couldn’t participate in any physical activity. We quickly had to find our next best passer, for that next week’s big game, and I was next in line. You will never know when you will have to step up, and when chances like this will arise . You always have be prepared, otherwise you might miss your chance. When I found out that I had to libero for one of the biggest games of the season, I was dripping with drops of nerves. I never had a lot of experience playing on varsity and especially not the libero, because on B-squad I was the setter, which is two way different positions. I had two practices before it was game time, in both those practices I was shaking with fear that I would mess up and lose this opportunity. All the upperclassmen counted on me to do a good job, I was weighed down by all the pressure of everyone. I was expected to do just as good as the senior libero did in the past, I…show more content…
I went to school all dressed up in my homecoming outfit, once I got to school the nerves came onto me and I started shaking with anxiety. Everyone was pumped for the game that night, there was a pep fest at the end of the school day that pumped us up. During the pep fest, while everyone was getting pumped up, my stomach was turning in all different directions with nerves and I couldn’t focus on getting pumped up because all I could think about was messing up and getting laughed or yelled
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