Personal Narrative: Horrible Years Of Kyra Gibson's Youth

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Horrible Years of Kyra Gibson’s Youth
So if you are in the mood to listen to the horrible tales of my childhood due to horrifying school that does nothing but antagonize their students. You came to the right place.

4th grade “Test”
Sitting at my desk waiting to take my test as my teacher is walking around handing out the papers saying “If you need any help, come ask me.” The papers are all handed out and we get to work. I had been having trouble with math so about part way through the test I needed help. So I go to the teacher and show her what I need help with. She simply told me that she could not help me and to go sit back down and finish my test. Me as a child was sensitive so I sit back at my desk and the tears slowly slide down my checks.
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You should take it seriously like I did. To bad the counselor didn 't. Ask to do a job, and doing it was what happen when we had a sup in the class. I went to do it and the certain student decided they wanted to do it themselves. So when I did it, they pinched me. Like I said I was sensitive so I wanted to cry. So I asked to go to the guidance counselor and the sub said yes. I went and told her what happened. She told me I had to learn how to do things myself and not to rely on her for everything. So that helped absolutely nothing. I decided to tell the sub what happened. Finally somebody took action. She took that student and me to the side and asked why she pinched my arm. I bruise easily, so my arm had been already a yellowish purple. So for once that person got punished and I didn 't. That might have been the only time I liked going to school was when we had a sub.

So if you have any concerns as to why I never ask for help. I will most likely refer to this page. The only help I ever got when I was young was my family and that is why I am afraid to ask. When I walk up to your desk awkwardly and fiddle with my hands. Just know it has nothing to do with you. Just with a path that controls my every

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