Personal Narrative: Horse Riding

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Throughout the past six years I’ve been horse riding, I would often fall off, but the one pony that discouraged me the most was Jordan. He is a small, dark brown pony with white markings, a scruffy black mane and tail, and tons of personality. He barely listens when you ask him to go over a certain jump and will randomly run off. That day, he bolted off while I was getting on and I was not able to get my feet in the stirrups to stop him. I tried to stay on, as he galloped and kicked the sand and dirt around the arena, while everyone tried to help me stop him by going near him and using the other horses to corner him. Nothing was working and a minute passed when I realized I was not going to be able to stop him so my best option, at this point, was to jump off, and that’s exactly what I did. If I hadn’t, I could have gotten hurt.…show more content…
He is a very patient and obedient pony and is super fluffy; almost like a bear. He’s one of the best starter ponies at the barn. I rode him for a week and then I went right back onto Jordan to try again. Soon enough, I finally knew how to ride him properly and got to move on to a higher level pony. As the years went on, I progressed to different ponies to learn all the tricks and skills. Finally, this year I started riding the big horses. I now ride a horse named April. She’s huge and as sweet and cuddly as a dog. She’s very obedient although, she often requires the little extra effort. Together we do cantering, cavaletti, and much more. Even the big, tall jumps I had always wanted to do. So, slowly but surely, I made it to the
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