Personal Narrative-Horseback Riding

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"Horseback riding is easy! All you have to do is sit there while the horse does all the work." Anybody who says this has obviously never ridden a horse professionally and deserves to be beaten for saying something so stupid. My experience as an English rider has been one of blood, sweat, and tears (literally) but also one of love and growth. Although it is true that I am one of few who can say that they have natural ability for riding I still had a difficult time learning the sport. I had to fall numerous times to understand why exactly I was slipping from my saddle. It wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the fact that most of the time I'm paired with a seven foot tall horse. You get splitting headaches or you wake up to find your shoulders are black and blue, with blisters dotting your hands and you'd find it difficult to stand straight like you normally would.…show more content…
No matter which horse I'm paired with you find yourself slipping into the motions of each horse. You still fall but it's no longer your fault - it's normally because the horse was spooked or tripped not because you were thrown off or your balance was poor. I still learn new things each day but no longer are my lessons painful or hard. My muscles are use to the constant need to squeeze. My hands will automatically slide upward in a jump. I don't need my reins as much as I had before which is always a definite sign that the rider has
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