Personal Narrative: Hosting Uranus

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It wasn’t until I was walking up the stairs to the apartment that I realized what time it was and how long i’d been gone. What was I going to say when I walked in “Oh sorry, some people showed up and I broke my hand but they got meded magically back together!” their was no way out of trouble I’d get in trouble no matter what. I knocked on the door and not even two seconds later the dor opened up. It was my mom her eyes big and red and my brother standing behind her looking really furious. My mom pulled me in and pushed me onto the couch “Well?” she said in a very shaky voice, I didn’t know what to say so I just looked to the ground “Your brother and I have been worried sick about you and you just sit there and stare at the ground,” my mom said in a …show more content…

I’m hosting Uranus. If you don’t believe me then I’ll just have to show you.” he raised his hand and poked my forehead. The world did a one eighty and I was now in a completely different place. A voice spoke but it sound like three people at one time They started off as brothers and sister, all kind but that soon changed. The scene changed it showed nine people standing in front of me. The first one was tall and lean, his hair caught fire but he vibrated then it went away. The next one standing next to him was a very beautiful woman with long blond hair, she had a look of determination in her eyes and woul dburn down anything that stood in her way. The one next to her was also a girl but she was taller, had black hair, and looked wise almost. The person next to her was a man he was tall, and muscular, he looked kinda like a warrior. The person next to him was a tall, swimmer fight, type person, he smile radiated confidence. The next one showed a beautiful woman who looked like a beauty queen. Next to her stood a man with short hair and smiled a broad grin. The man next to him looked mysterious and very intelligent. The last person looked nothing like the rest. He was skinny and small,

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