Personal Narrative: Hotel Of America

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“Vroom! Vroom! The engine roared as we made our way to Minnesota. As we come off the interstate, I could see our hotel, Hotel of America. “Are we almost to the Mall of America?” I asked. It seemed like we had been driving forever. “Almost,” my mom chuckled. She was tired of listening to all of us kids asking her over and over again. Meanwhile, when we got the interstate we finally seen the Mall. It was very difficult to find a parking spot there were a lot of people at the Mall. When we finally found a parking spot we went to find my, Auntie, Uncle, and two cousins. Then we all went inside to eat. We ate at this hilarious place where they gave you hats that said weird things on them. For example, my brother Nicks said I like to pee my…show more content…
Which was difficult because it was the day after Christmas so the roads were packed. But we also had a ton of stuff to carry. “Mom when can we go see the pool?” Kimber Asked “Yes but first we need to get unpacked and take showers”. Mom Insisted Immediately, after we got unpacked we went down to the pool. It was humongous and very loud. “All the girls are doing the family slide tomorrow” Mom Exclaimed “Yes” Hollered Auntie Chuckling At last, we finally went to the pool to swim. Of course all of the girls did the family slide. But I also went on the slide with my Dad, Uncle, and my sister. We all almost fell out of the tube because all of the weight was on one side. There was also a big play area and a lazy river which the little kids did most of the time. There was surfing to I did the surfing but kept falling off. The funniest part of the surfing was my when my Dad and my sisters did it. Finally, it was the last day. I was sad that we were leaving but I was super tired. We still needed to pack before we left because we would not have time in the morning. So the next day we had to leave at 5 am. When we got to Hinton it started to snow. Luckily we were so close to
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