Personal Narrative: How A Car Crash Has Affected My Life

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The experience I will be discussing in this essay is getting into a car crash. I learned so much from this unfortunate experience, and it has affected my life for the better. It was a rainy day in St. Louis about nine years ago. My babysitter, Denise, was driving my older sister and I to a children’s museum. We got on the highway and were on our way. It was a very rainy day so the roads were wet and slippery. My sister and I were very young at the time so we were sitting in the back seats. Since it was raining, we were driving at around 65 miles per hour just to be safe, little did we know that would be crucial for saving our lives.
Than, the car in front of us suddenly slammed on the breaks. My babysitter than screamed at the top of her lungs and slammed on the breaks. As she slammed the breaks, our car did not stop, but slid on the wet streets directly into the car ahead of us. As we hit the car in front of us, I grabbed my sister’s chest to try to hold her back. I than remember watching her head fly into the seat in
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I learned to always wear a seatbelt. A seat belt saved my live, so I am making sure that I never get into a car without a seatbelt on ever again. Also, even though I was not driving the car, I learned that when I do start driving I need to always be cautious and aware of my surroundings. After the crash, I thought about how I could have died. This accident has affected my life because it has taught me to not take any days for granted and to enjoy every moment of my life. After seeing my sister fly into the seat, I also realized how her life could hang ended in that moment. Now I always say I love you before I leave the house or get on an airplane because I know that something tragic can happen at any time. In conclusion, although nothing that extreme happened and everyone ended up being okay, this experience taught me so much about life and what it means, and has changed me as a person in the best way

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