Personal Narrative: How Abortion Changed My Life

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I first found out I was pregnant two months after turning eighteen. Looking at that positive pregnancy test, I was terrified. I had countless emotions running through my head at the same time. The first question was, am I going to be able to do this? Of course, abortion was never an option. From that moment on, I decided I needed to find the courage inside me to step up and become a parent at such a young age. I had absolutely zero experience with babies. My family is small and not very close. Therefore, I was never around any babies or small children. One of the strongest fears I had was that I wouldn’t know what to do once the baby arrived. I figured I could handle the diapers but I had no idea about formula, feeding schedules, how to warm…show more content…
My life instantly changed. Everything that once mattered meant nothing. The feeling of your heart expanding to allow more love in your heart than you knew was possible is only something a mother can explain. I didn’t think I was capable of loving someone so much. One look and I was hooked on her already. She was perfect and tiny. All my worries disappeared in that moment. I knew that whatever happened I could handle it and everything would be great. In that same moment, I knew something was wrong. My baby wasn’t making any noises and her color looked wrong. Within minutes, she was rushed away to the Neonatal ICU. The umbilical cord had been wrapped around her neck causing loss of oxygen to her organs. She spent two long weeks in the Neonatal ICU. During that time, I was unable to hold my baby. She was fed through a tube until her stomach could handle formula through a bottle. That was one of the hardest things I have even been through. Thankfully, she recovered swiftly. We were able to finally go home and start our new life together. Bringing this little girl into my life changed me for the better. It was as though life didn’t exist before she was born. Although things didn’t go smoothly, I wouldn’t change a thing. What seemed like a tough road ahead actually turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to

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