Personal Narrative: How Adversity Changed My Life

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Think of a time when life was rough and you were facing adversity, many people would become depressed and just allow it to happen or give up while others remain optimistic. By being optimistic, you have faith in yourself and your future.When I was six years old, I was riding a bike with training wheels. All of my friends are riding around on two wheels having fun; I felt left out. Coming home from school everyday, I would beg my mom for a two wheeler. Eventually, I got one and that is when the challenge came. I thought it would be a piece of cake, what difference could an extra wheel make? I thought wrong. Scrapes and bruises covered my arms and legs. It was tough. After countless times of falling to the ground, I was about to give up. Adversity had hit and at such a young age, I…show more content…
Again, I went inside, pouted, and cried. This happened for the next month or so, until I eventually got the hang of it. After many tries and many falls, I was ecstatic being able to ride a two wheeler, laughing and having a big grin on my face. The wind blew in my face and I felt invincible. I was swerving around the side walk and going as fast as I could until the bike stumbled on a rock and I went down to the concrete, scraping my elbow. But it didn’t matter, I got back on the bike and started riding around the block with blood dripping from my arm. Optimism is not something you are born with or something you learn right off the bat. It takes time and failures to finally develop it just like the failures of me learning how to ride a two wheel bicycle. Just like other situations, when I fail or do bad on a test or assignment, I learn from it and set a goal to do better on the next one. It is more of a mindset than anything else. If you believe it will get better, then it will. By having a positive attitude and carrying that same mindset, it can help you be optimistic, and that is a skill we all need to live

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