Personal Narrative: How Algebra Changed My Life

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Throughout my early highschool years I struggled with math, many of my teachers didn’t stay the same, I changed who I called my friends, and I changed how I spend my free time during the winter. High School is tough. It’s nothing like middle school. During my Freshman year of highschool I had to take Algebra I. Algebra one started out as a review of stuff I learned in Junior High. Eventually though the year I couldn’t keep up with the work and I no longer understood what was being taught to me. I struggled with keeping up and trying to stay with the class. By the end of the year I had no missing assignments but since I had trouble taking tests I passed with something in the C range. I took Geometry during my Sophomore year and Algebra II &…show more content…
Savannah, who was once my closest friend, barely says three words to me a day. Kassidy, who is still super awesome and funny, is always with her boyfriend who follows her around like a dog. I mean them changing wouldn’t bother me as much if I knew why they either don’t talk to me or can’t say they want to spend time with their friends. During the winter I use to play hockey all the time but now I don’t. Hockey was a big part of my life since I was about three. I would skate, skate, and skate some more any time I could. When high school happened I stopped and tried some new things. My Freshman year I tried Winter Dance Team, Sophomore year I did hockey again, but it wasn’t the same, Junior year I was a Who in the school’s production of Seussical the Musical. Now I’m doing something completely different from all three of the previous years. I’m preparing myself to raise a child. High school changed everything in my life. I one was good at math, I never had so many teachers leave at one time, my taste in friends was proven to be a typical high school experience, and my free time changed. After Senior year I’m not looking forward to adult for the rest of my
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