Personal Narrative: How Being A Military Dependent Affected My Life

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How Being a Military Dependent Affected My Life Goals Being a military dependent is something I have known my whole life. My dad joined the Air Force in 1988 at the age of twenty-four. He initially joined the military to help people, but wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, this led him to fighting fires until 2010. I was born in the year 1999; I grew up with him working twenty-four hour shifts and then being home for twenty-four hours. My father’s time in the military shaped who I was by his instilling in me responsibility, love for people, and the core values of the United States Air Force. One thing I’ve always noticed about my dad is that he is never late for work and even if he isn’t feeling well he always shows up. He takes care of the things he has too and never procrastinates. My father has taught me that the sooner you get something done the longer you have to make sure it’s right. My dad was the Assistant Chief of Operations and was in charge of emergencies and ensuring the safety of emergency responders and civilians. His job was one of importance and he always made sure to give his very best. Seeing my father wake up every day and give his all to everything he…show more content…
He gave his time and dedication into saving people and making sure the people he oversaw were also safe. My long term goal in life is to be a Forensic Pathologist and my “short” term goals are to graduate with a major in biology with a minor in chemistry and then go to medical school. My father being in the military has affected my long term career goal because I saw how rewarding it was for him to help people in a time of need. I want to do the same thing but as a doctor, I want to help give peace to people who are in pain and in need of answers. If I wasn’t around someone who worked saving people’s lives I don’t think that I would want to pursue a career in which I would be helping many people come to accept what has happened to a loved

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