Personal Narrative: How Birth Affected My Family

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Three days later I was discharged to come home with my mom and dad! It was my first time home on a sunny morning. My mom said I had a crib right next to their bed and that I would always try to climb out of it. She said that I had climbed out the one meter crib which was right next to their bed. She said that I would climb out to go sleep next to them. They had to make the crib longer in height. Coming home was probably the best thing for me as a baby. My parents feed me, dressed me, and did everything every parent should do for there child. My mom also says that my favorite food to eat was carrot, so that was the only thing I ate. I also turned orange from eating to much carrots, which I thought was really funny. My birth affected my family in many different ways, although I had two older sisters. My parents still had to buy a lot of new things for me. I was another member of the family! My sisters says that when I was little it was annoying for me to be the troublemaker. My family accepted me and I am thankful for that. My family never betrayed, nor left me. They have always been by my side and no matter how bad and annoying I am they have always loved me.…show more content…
As siblings we don’t get a long that well. We fight a lot, but we also do things together and love each other. I’m thankful for my siblings without them, the house would be quiet and boring. Although there are also lots of things that may annoy and embarrass us all as siblings. When we were in grade school, we went to the same school. We would catch the school bus that came to the front of our house. And sometimes it was nice having someone you know to be with, but sometimes when I am with my friends my sisters would tell my friends embarrassing stories about me, which was
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