Personal Narrative: How Brophy Changed My Life

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Mr. Higgins,
First I want to thank you and the rest of the staff for organizing the intervention this morning. I was reflecting back on my time at Brophy after the meeting and recognize that I have received many opportunities that most student can not receive in public high school. If I had a chance to redo my four years of high school I would definitely still pick Brophy. Even though my high school career at Brophy could have been better, none of the moments I have had (good or bad) has been a waste. Brophy has dramatically changed my life farther than any school could have and changed the way I think and carry myself between freshman year and now. Throughout this past year it I have made it hard for myself and the people that care about me by making low decisions. I definitely recognize this and the chances I have been given to redeem myself.
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It will be the milestone that I will look back upon to think how much my life has changed for the better after what has happened during my time of growth at Brophy. My continuing period of growth has transformed me even though it does not seem like it at times, I have definitely noticed beneficial developments within myself throughout my time at Brophy. After my Brophy experience has concluded regardless if I get to walk and graduate, I know for a fact that my time at Brophy has not been worthless but a life changing experience with lessons that I will carry throughout life and teach to others as I keep growing and maturing not only for the good of my well being but for the people that care about me the most. I know with any graduate from Brophy, it is impossible not to at least know and experience each of the Grad at Grad traits first hand before leaving and advancing towards the next stages in life. The years spent at Brophy greatly embedded each Grad at Grad trait within my mentality despite poor judgment the traits are existent within the essence of who I am after my four years at Brophy enduring
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