Personal Narrative: How Cancer Has Affected My Life

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The Side Effects

Cancer was something that happened in my life that I did not see coming. No of course it was not me who was hit with the big C. This happened to my sister when I was in the 6th grade. This took a major change for me and it changed who I am today. My step-mom told me when we left walmart. I think she was scared to tell me. She said “Maxx, your sister Zoe has cancer.” I didn’t really know how to react so I just said, ”Okay.”
When this happened, it took control of my sister. My sister has never had a fair life for her. Whenever she would get passed a major thing in her life something always comes around to bite her. This thing that started it all happened when she was 3-4 years old and my sister needed to have brain surgery
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She tried to make friends in the hospital. This was one of her big mistakes. Making friends with dyeing sick people is not hard. Year after year her friends would drop like flies. This was making her staying at the hospital even harder. She got really attached to this girl name Cierea. They went to the hospital together and everything was great for her. When she died, to her it was the most devastating thing that could ever happen. She attended her ceremony and even today she runs charity events for her. My sister had a rough life and it affected my entire family. She wants to be someone who helps people get through this terrible disease as someone who understands what completely is…show more content…
When I look back at this, I think how diseases changes people 's perspective on life as a whole. This mainly changed who I am religion wise. This disease has made me change what kind of religion I am. I am now some kind of form of agonistic. I used to think that I was mormon but just the thought that a god would do something that drastic to my sister completely changes my whole perspective. Why would some being put someone through all that pain so someone can just live on remembering all of the pain they went to. Another thing that I don’t understand is that many people get diagnosed with cancer and they rely on prayer and god to save them. People die all the time and I think it 's wrong. People need to change their perspective on life so we can all come together. I want people to change as a whole. Its okay to follow religion just be

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