Personal Narrative: How College Changed My Life

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Every day for the past eighteen years I have woken up and gone through the same obstacles repeatedly. It never changed until I started college, which is filled with new adventures and learning new things every day. Some people may think that I have not changed much since starting college. Although they cannot see it, I have seen the change in myself. Before college, I was focused on myself and what others thought of me; however, since I started college I have been more focused on my family and not worried about other’s opinions of me. Before college started, I was what some people would call the blossom. I would talk to everyone about different kinds of topics and I would try to strike conversations with anyone in order to make more friends.…show more content…
I had graduated from high school and learned how to become a mature young adult. I lost contact with about ninety eight percent of the people I talked to, including the people that I thought were my best friends. I went from having five best friends to only have two or on a good day three. Losing most of the people I talked to made me realize what really mattered to me. Having less friends in college made me become closer to my family. I started to spend time with them and go places with them like I did when I was a young girl. I started going to see my cousins who I had not really talked to since middle school. It took losing all of my friends and acquaintances to realize that friends come and go, but family will stay by your side. When I realized that it made me become less worried about what others think about me. Instead of being an obnoxiously healthy eater and constantly worried about my outer appearance now I am like any other normal college student. My eating habits are not as healthy anymore. I eat at the cafeteria and snack in between my hectic schedule. I no longer dress in a way that I do not want people seeing if I am dirty or sweaty. I still care for my personal hygiene, but it is less fashionably noticeable. As a college student, I throw something on that is quick and comfortable such as sweatpants and a plain shirt. I go about my day without any worry of what people’s opinions
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