Personal Narrative: How College Ruins The World

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College ruins the world. Everyday families struggle financially to send their children to college. Why should we spend money on more education. Isn't twelve years enough? Since college is, and will always will be in high demand, the prices are always increasing. Instead of families worrying about how they are going to pay for their food or home, students will not go to college at all.This solution benefits all parties involved. Parents will have peace of mind knowing that their family is stable, children will be less stressed and can focus on what’s really important, work. Even the government will thrive with the flow of capital. Overall eliminating college as a whole is the best way to eliminate the increase in college prices. To eliminate the increase in college prices, no one will go to college. Why do children need more than twelve years of schooling. Not only will this solution benefit the government, but it will help all schools. Without college school will be need to enforce a harder curriculum, making a high school diploma a bit more meaningful. High school diplomas are all they need to survive. Without college kids will work. Instil a work ethic in them early on. Kids don’t realize now that money doesn't fall out of the sky or grow on trees.…show more content…
Government will make more money, families will be less stress free and won’t have to try and survive paycheck to paycheck. Oh, and schools will have to enforce a harder curriculum which will hopefully actually challenge student, and help them in the long run. Schooling already takes up a big portion in people's life. Why not reduce the number of years these kids have to sit in a desk and “learn.” People need to quit complaining about “more education” when there are people dying cancer everyday. These kids will learn what it takes to make it in the real world without college. Such a simple fix to solve a big problem. Who needs college when there are
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